Botero Table

The lines of this unique table have been inspired by the sculptures of the renowned South American artist Fernando Botero whose rounded “fat” forms are instantly recognizable to many of us in Singapore following the introductions of several of his statues to the Esplanade park in 2005. Like Botero, we endeavored to create a sensual piece filled with joy. The table itself, as does Botero’s work, “inspires peace whilst provoking happiness and abundance”, as dining experiences should! The exaggerated fullness of his “fat bottomed ladies” has been echoed in the roundness of the bulbous pedestal. The base of the table is also reminiscent of the feet found in many of Botero’s human sculptures.


Dimension Small:

120 cm Ø x 75 cm (H)

Dimension Big:

150 cm Ø x 75 cm (H)

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